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Agrotrobras s.a chile is a worldwide food trading specialist of food products. As a full-service partner for food distribution, we have gained a wealth of experience in the last 40 years.

We import directly from manufacturers worldwide and export to importers and wholesalers in over 96 countries. We actively serve customers in the following food sectors:

  • Wholesale Suppliers
  • Catering and Food Manufacturers
  • Foodservice distributors
  • Retail

The majority of our product portfolio consists of frozen and long-shelf-life food including poultry, beef, pork, fish, fruit, vegetables and French fries, as well as chilled/dry dairy products. Our products are sourced from all major production regions in the world. All our products can be exported CIF to ports worldwide.
Our products meet the highest quality standards for food service as well as retail. They are packed with our own private labels: Tri Marine Group, Agrotrobras s.a , Growning Dairyand Hilmar Cheese Co. These brands are renowned across EuropeAfricaAsiaMiddle East, South America, and the Caribbean.


Most of our poultry products we sold under our brand Agrotrobras s.a brand. We can offer you a full range of high-quality frozen poultry cuts from chickenhenturkey and duck, including a wide range of offals. We source our poultry worldwide, from Europe, the US, South America and Asia.

We ensure that our suppliers operate under HACCP rules, often enjoying BRC approval.
If required, we can also offer our product with strictly controlled Halal certification. Our Bell & Evans brand is renowned for offering quality frozen poultry products.

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We offer a range of meat products under our Bell & Evans and Agro Trobras Quality brands. Under these labels, we offer a wide range of frozen beefvealgoatmutton and pork products. We source our meat from production areas in Europe and South America. We can ensure strictly controlled Halal certification on the majority of our meat products, as per your requirements.

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FISH & SEAFOOD PRODUCTSWe offer a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood products under our Agro Trobras brand. We import our fish & seafood from all over the world, offering both farm raised and wild caught. The majority of our products are EU, HACCP, and BRC approved. We can also deliver our frozen fish and seafood to any port in the world (CIF).

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We can offer a full range of high quality frozen IQF fruit and vegetables, available in both mixed and separate products.  We import our fruit and vegetables from European production areas. Worldwide we export our IQF vegetables under our Birds Eye brand. We export our wholesale fruit and vegetables to importers and customers worldwide.

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We offer a wide dairy product portfolio with cheesebutter blocks, and milk. Under our Countre Dairy label, we sell premium milk products sourced from Belgium. Our milk assortment contains flavored milk in 6 tastes, sterilized milk, and uht tetra milk.

In addition, we export under our label Hilmar Cheese Co our cheddar cheese. This cheddar is produced in the UK and we export it to retail and wholesale distributors all over the world.

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